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Would you call yourself an experienced spring cleaner? If there were spring cleaning Olympics, do you think you would be bringing home the gold? Then sure there aren't any places you forget, right?

There are two types of people who emerge when it comes time for spring cleaning. There are those who love the task! They see it as nothing short of a challenge to remove as much clutter, dirt, grime, and dust as they can from the house in one sitting! Then, of course, there is the other 99.9999999% people of us who undertake the task because we know it's good to do but don't enjoy it.

Spring Clean Like a Pro!

It is often this mentality which leaves people to overlook areas which really should be included in the clean. Pima Cleanpro has some information below on some of those areas. Underneath your countertops


Everybody enjoys clean countertops, and that’s why they are likely part of your regular cleaning schedule. However, when you complete the task, do you also clean underneath? The chances are that you don’t, simply because it isn’t a space that seems like it would or even could accumulate dirt or mess. However, if you were to take a loo you would be surprised. Steam from your kitchen along with regular dirt and grime can quickly build up underneath your countertops leading to not only unhealthy dirt but also potential mold growth and the health concerns that come with it. For these reasons, be sure to add this one to your spring cleaning list.


While you are likely in your kitchen for your countertops, pay attention to your range hood. However, don’t just give the exterior a wipe with some paper towel. Instead, remove the grill or plating and not only clean it, but also inside your rangehood where grease has likely accumulated around any vents or parts. As you are cleaning the grill, be sure to do a thorough job. Given that you will likely only do it one a year it’s important that you spend time completing the task to enjoy solid results for the next year.

Lampshaded and Ceiling Lights

Hold up! Ceiling lights? That’s right! While you may think that your lights are bright, if you have never cleaned your ceiling light bulbs before then you can bet that the room can get brighter without having to buy a new bulb! Carefully take to your ceiling bulbs with a clean paper towel and wipe away any dust which has accumulated on the bulb as well as its fixture. Once you have finished all of your ceiling bulbs, do the same for any other bulbs, such as those inside lamps which you never notice. Once you have finished your spring clean, be sure to give your carpet the attention it deserves with professional carpet cleaning in Tucson, AZ. Call Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 to book an appointment to bring your carpet back to life and have them ready to be walked on again in a matter of hours - not days!

Trash Can

Nobody likes to take out the trash, so you can imagine how most people would feel about the idea of cleaning their trash cans. So unappealing is the idea that there’s a good chance that you have never even thought of completing the task! However, when it comes to once-a-year cleaning items, this is a great one to put on the list. Take a tour of your home and collect all of the trashcans and take them outside. Once you are in an open space, give them a thorough clean and hose down. Before you bring them back inside, be sure to leave them in the sun to dry completely.

Washing Machine

Whether you use your washing machine every day or only once a week, over time, it will become dirty. Not just the exterior, but also the interior. Items like lint build up and even grease from the machine's mechanics can make their way into the drum of your washing machine and its inner workings. Along with putting in a cleaning mixture during an empty wash cycle, be sure to wipe away any grime around the drum itself which you can see, as well as the lid and any controls. Removing this grime once a year is a good way to keep your washing machine from selling bad and, in turn, making your clothes less than ideally clean.

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When it comes to spring cleaning, the above ideas are great ways to remove a lot of dirt and grime which would have gone unnoticed and potentially caused the air quality in your home to lower. Once you have finished your cleaning, take a few hours off and let the professionals at Pima Cleanpro finish the job with a thorough carpet cleaning. Call today at (520) 954-2119 to book an appointment convenient for you!

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