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Staying warm in your home doesn't have to be a complicated and expensive endeavor. To learn how to keep warm during the colder months, read this post by Pima Cleanpro in Pima County, AZ.

As the year reaches its end, so does the hot days of summer. We're well into the fall months now, with winter close behind. This means it will only get colder and colder from here. During this time of year, it's crucial that you stay warm and cozy in your home, so you don't have to suffer through the chilly weather. However, that can be a hard and expensive feat to achieve at times, considering the heater can waste a lot of energy. To learn some tips on how you can keep your home warm during the colder months without elevating your electric bill too much, you should read the following.

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How to Keep Your Home Warm

Seal All of the Cracks

After some time, use, and inadequate maintenance, a house can start presenting cracks on its ceiling, floors, and walls. It can also start to show gaps on the windows and doors. Not only is this unsightly, but it can be a huge escape route for the heat in your home, as well as an entryway for the cold from outside. Seal all of those cracks properly to maintain the temperature inside your home.

Hang Thick Drapes on the Windows

The windows in your home can also be letting some of the coldness in, even if they're closed all of the way and all of their gaps have been sealed. To make sure that the coldness from the glass won't contaminate your home's temperature, you can hang thick drapes on them and close them off when the weather outside is being especially brutal.

Use the Sunlight

You'll want to keep the drapes shut when the days/nights are dark and cold. However, if you get a ray of sunshine during this time of year (which is a common occurrence here in Pima County), you should make use of the sunlight that comes in. Wash your windows, open the drapes, and use reflective surfaces around your house to maximize the light and heat.

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Maintain Your Floors Properly

Carpeted floors are great for many things. One of them is that they can provide a cozy and warm home. This is because some of the cold air can get trapped in its fibers. Still, for you to be able to enjoy your carpeted floors and their advantages during this time of year, you need to maintain them properly. Vacuum them regularly and have a professional deep clean them once a year to keep them sanitary and flawless.

Double Glaze the Windows

If the cold weather is really not to your liking, you should consider investing in a second window pane. Double glazing your windows will help keep as much as the cold air out of your home as possible. Not only that, but double glazing the windows can result in a quieter and safer environment. This is an investment that can save you money on your electricity bill.

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Line the Attic

Another investment that could end up saving you money is lining the attic. This consists of adding a layer of fiberglass wool to the ceiling of your house. This can also work great to regulate the temperature in your home without the need of having a space heater or another similar method.

Let the Heat Move

If you have a chimney in your home, a space heater, or another source for warmth, you need to maximize it. That's why, it's recommended that you don't obstruct the heat's path. Move furniture away and open doors so the hot air from your space heater can move.

Close and Open Doors as Needed

Finally, you need to consider which doors you open and which you close. Being strategic with this will also help you save energy. Open the doors of the rooms you want to keep warm and close the doors for rooms that aren't being used and that don't need heating.

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