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Asking people to remove their shoes when inside your home can be very beneficial. To learn why you should set a 'no shoes inside' rule and how you can do it, read this post by Pima Cleanpro in Pima County, AZ.

Should you allow people to step on your carpeted floors with their shoes still on? On the one hand, asking people to take their shoes off can be considered annoying and kind of rude. On the other, having them step on your floors with their footwear still on can make your house dirty and unsanitary. If you're currently debating whether you should instill a 'no shoes inside' rule in your house, this post will give you the push you need to go for it. Plus, it will also share tips on how you can make the transition to a shoeless household easier.

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Why You Shouldn't Allow Shoes Inside Your Home and What You Can Do About It

Why You Should Try Instilling a "No Shoes" Policy Inside Your House

To begin with this post, let's go over just a few of the many reasons why you should think twice before letting people step on your carpeted floors with their dirty shoes. The first and most obvious reasons is that you carry a piece of everywhere you stepped on the soles of your shoes: from dirt, to gunk, too many bacteria to count, and who knows what else. This means that when you step inside with the shoes still on, you bring all of that filth into your house, which can have a lot of repercussions. For one, it can affect your family's health, as you don't know what kind of germs may be now living and breeding on your carpeting. Moreover, if you have allergy sufferers, you can also expect their reactions to flare up. Then, you should also think about what it does to your floors and to the investment you made on them. Dirty shoes can result in dirty carpets that need to be replaced much sooner than expected. Not only will the carpet be dirty but it will also be crushed, rough, and disheveled. Finally, you need to think about your feet, too. After a day of being trapped inside your shoes, they need to be allowed to breathe and extend, and enjoy a more relaxing time.

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How You Can Go About Instilling the Rule

Now there's no turning back: you know why you have to do it. The question then becomes, 'how can you go about instilling the rule in your household?' Needless to say, for this to work, you need to employ everyone's help. For starters, your family members should be made aware and agree with said rule in order to practice it themselves, and to help you instruct guests to follow it. If they need a bit of convincing to abide by the rule, simply explain the reasons mentioned above, and it's likely they'll want to participate. As for guests, there are several different ways you can go about letting them know they should take their shoes off. For example, you can simply tell them before they enter. In most of the cases, people will be glad to comply. If you don't want to get tired of telling people to take their shoes off, you can put up a sign that states said rule. It can even have a funny rhyme to make the message less harsh. It's also a good idea to keep a designated spot for everyone to keep their shoes in order. A shoe rack or closet by the entrance door will get the shoes out of the way and organized. Lastly, if you get a sense that some people will be uncomfortable with the request (be it that their pedicure isn't on point, they're wearing ugly socks, or simply don't want to go barefoot), you should offer footwear alternatives. Having extra socks, flip flops, or slippers for guests to walk around inside can be a great option that will keep your floors clean and your guests happy.

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