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If you didn’t think that it was possible to both entertain guest and have nice clean carpets, then you haven’t read this article! Pimp Cleanpro has some great tips to help you prepare for an event. Carpets can be a tricky thing. On one side, we want everybody we know to come and look at the new carpets we have had installed. However, on, well, almost the same hand, we definitely don’t want them walking on it! And we especially don’t want them walking on them in a party environment!

Entertain Guests Without the Stress of Worrying About Stains

From extensive experience providing professional and high-quality carpet cleaning in Tucson, AZ, Pima Cleanpro knows this sentiment all too well and has some tips to share which can help you prepare your carpet for a party.

Start With Your Front Door

The best way to defend your home and carpets against dirt on your guests' shoes is to stop it before it's had a chance to make its way in. If you are hosting a small gathering then you may feel comfortable setting up a shoe-rack or cabinet at the front door, either outside or just inside, where guests can leave their shoes and either continue in their shoes or you can provide them with slip-on temporary shoes. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your guests to take their shoes off, then mats are going to be your best defense. On the outside of your home, right at your door, a rough metal mat which is designed to remove debris and allow guests to confidently stomp their feet. This should remove the majority of mud and dirt. Once your guests have come inside, have a secondary mat which is softer and more focused towards catching any leftover debris but also to provide a comfortable entrance after a metal mat.

Who Put That There?

Whether you have a few friends who are notoriously clumsy or become quite jovial in a party environment then this is the tip to prepare for their arrival. Take a walking tour of your home with your head down taking large wide steps. If your feet catch anything or you can see something which you just know is going to cause problems for guests, move it or remove it. This small tip is the best way to prevent accidental spills caused by a foot caught on the leg of a coffee table or a light stand which catches people's arms and causes accidents. If it is too late or, despite your best efforts, you just weren’t able to prevent that particularly clumsy friend from being themselves, then help is at hand. Speak with Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 to find out how their proprietary ION exchange cleaning system can not only bring your carpets back to life but let you walk on them within hours, not days!

Choose the Right Food

On the subject of accidental spills, which food you choose to serve can have a significant impact on how many spills occur. As you sit down to think about your food offerings, think about any stains they could leave and how you can prevent it. For example, instead of serving a range of foods which all require a number of dipping sauces, look for foods which are fried and don’t require any additional flavors or simply require salt or pepper.

Serve Your Food Well

How you serve your food can also play a significant role in how many stains you are left with at the end of your event. Instead of placing snacks around the home, keep all of the food in areas where the floor is tile or laminate and easy to clean, such as your kitchen or any outdoor entertaining areas. Additionally, don’t provide plates, as these can encourage guests to travel with food instead of eating it at the table over easily cleanable floors.

Hire Rugs

If you expect to have a lot of foot traffic, as opposed to guests simply sitting around talking, then consider hiring some rugs. Services which largely provide to real estate agents when staging a home will also hire you a selection of rugs, many of which are designed for high levels of foot traffic and will resist mold growth from any spilled drinks. Placing these around your home is a good way to take much of the impact of your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean during a part, these are some great tips which can help. However, it’s important to remember that, even if a stain does occur, all is not lost. Call Pima Cleanpro on (520) 954-2119 to book a convenient appointment to give your carpets a professional clean and bring them to a state where you wouldn’t even know you had a party. Well, until the next time that clumsy friend comes over!

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