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Entertaining doesn’t have to mean stained carpets. This article can help you prepare your home and prevent party stains from occurring.

As cold as the season may be, if you’re determined to host a party at your home, you’re unlikely to let the weather stop you. However, the cold weather often means rain and, in some cases, snow, which means much more mud and nasties which can enter your home and cause stains on your carpet.

Prevent Carpet Stains at Your Party

If you love the idea of entertaining but don’t like the idea of carpet stains, below is a great post from Pima Cleanpro which can help.

Plastic Carpet Runners

We have all seen them at one stage of our lives. Those thick plastic sheets with small spikes on the bottom which many homeowners choose to install in their homes on a permanent basis. While you may not be their biggest fan, using these only for the time you host a party is a great way to prevent a range of carpet stains from occurring. Speak with your local party hire store and look to hire plastic carpet runners and protectors just for your event. If you don’t want to use them all around your home, just focus on the areas which will get the most foot traffic or areas where you expect people to congregate and enjoy saucy foods and colored drinks.

Prepare for the Event

While there will be some stains which you just can't get out yourself, many stains can be prevented from getting worse with fast-action. Create a few ‘cleaning buckets’ and hide them around your home, such as behind your television or underneath a table where nobody can see them. In these buckets, include clean dry clothes and a bottle of water. In the event that somebody does spill their drink or sauce falls on to your carpet, you will have the basics ready to quickly prevent a serious statin from occurring. If your carpets or tiles are looking a bit worse-for-wear and you want to spruce them up before inviting guests into your home, speak with a friendly professional at Pima Cleanpro by calling (520) 954-2119 . Using their ION exchange cleaning method, Pima Cleanpro can have your carpets and tiles looking good-as-new in no time and ready to be walked on in a matter of hours. This means that you can call to book a morning appointment and your guests can enjoy your clean carpet in the evening!

Move Your Entertaining Outdoors

It can be difficult to encourage guests to enjoy a party outdoors, however, if you provide a comfortable atmosphere then they may actually prefer it. As an example, installing small outdoor heating units on your back-balcony and serving food in this are can provide a great space for people to congregate and enjoy food, while staying warm and, more importantly, staying off your carpet!

No Shoes Inside!

If you are serious about carpet stains, the best way to prevent them is to not let shoes inside your home. If you choose to take up this tip, it’s important to consider a few things:
  • Be sure to tell your guests in advance so that they can wear the correct socks
  • Provide a dry and covered space for guests to leave their shoes.
  • Consider providing temporary shoes or slippers for guests to use, such as slippers can be a great option.

Move the Entrance

If you have taken the tip above about moving your entertaining to your back porch, consider moving the party entrance to your back door or gate After all, if guests will spend much of their time at the back of your house then it makes sense for them to arrive and leave via this space. When sending out invitations, be sure to advise guests where to go, and even put a small sign on your door with instructions on entering your home from the back gate or door.

The Best Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning in TARGET

If, despite your best efforts, stains occur during your party or it’s just time for a professional clean, be sure to resist the urge to do it yourself with a hired machine or a traditional steam cleaner. Both of these options soak your carpet with water and cleaning solution and then leave them damp for days on end. This can not only reduce the lifespan of your carpet but if your carpets don’t dry properly, can encourage mold growth. Instead, speak with Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 and book an ION Exchange carpet cleaning and tile cleaning service. Using a proprietary cleaning method and minimal cleaning solution, Pima Cleanpro is able to remove stains from your carpet without causing damage and, best of all, they are ready to be walked on in a matter of hours, not days, along with ensuring your tiles sparkle!

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