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Would you call yourself an experienced spring cleaner? If there were spring cleaning Olympics, do you think you would be bringing home the gold? Then sure there aren't any places you forget, right?

There are two types of people who emerge when it comes time for spring cleaning. There are those...
Unless you have found a way to make ketchup that doesn't leave a mark or a carpet fiber that is totally impervious to stains, preventing stains is your best defense. However, it’s often easier said than done.

When it comes to completing your household chores, there is a certain...
Keeping mold out of your carpet during the summer months is a hard enough task let alone during the cold and wet season. This article has tips which can help! During the summer months, it can be as easy as opening a select few windows and doors to facilitate the flow of fresh air and reduce any...
Your carpets may be a challenge to keep clean all year long, but this challenge may become even harder during the holiday season. Use these tips to keep your carpets clean this winter.

Tips to Help You Maintain Spotless Carpets This Holiday Season

As you prepare for the holiday season, you may be...
If you are renovating or building a home then you will likely be thinking about your flooring. With many options to choose from, this article has some information about the benefits of carpet. When it comes to your home’s flooring, more and more people seem to be trending towards floorboards or...
If you didn’t think that it was possible to both entertain guest and have nice clean carpets, then you haven’t read this article! Pimp Cleanpro has some great tips to help you prepare for an event. Carpets can be a tricky thing. On one side, we want everybody we know to come and look at the new...
Everybody likes to believe that they have mastered the art of housework, but what if there were vacuuming tips you didn’t know which could save you time and effort? Read this article to learn more. When it comes to your household chores, vacuuming is likely to be the one which you have been...
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