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Do you want your carpet to last longer? How about having them look like they were just installed? Below is some information on how you can achieve this by changing your professional cleaning method.

When you were growing up, a professional carpet cleaning was always done by a carpet cleaning service. Alternatively, your parents may have made their way to their local supermarket to hire a steam cleaning machine and undertake the task themselves. Whichever it was, it’s likely that you adapted the mentality and, when the time comes, consider this as your only option.

How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best for Longer

However, when you speak with your friends about your home maintenance and chores, have you noticed that none of them are mentioning steam cleaning and the majority of them have moved to a better way to keep carpets clean? If you are looking for more information, below is a post from Pima Cleanpro to help you understand just why so many people are choosing to trust the ION Exchange cleaning system.

What You Think You Know About Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t much steam involved when you have your carpets steam cleaned? Sure, there’s a little bit which comes out of the nozzle but it largely just looks like a lot of hot water. The reason why it looks like this is because it is. Despite its name, a steam cleaning wand works by soaking your carpet in a mixture of hot water and harsh cleaning chemicals before sucking most of it back up again. This method uses so much water that it is the very reason why you are unable to walk on your carpets or replace your furniture until they have completely dried.

Got It! Now, What’s the Difference Between Ion Exchange?

In contrast to the steam cleaning method above, Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system only uses a fraction of the water needed for a steam clean. The reason for this is because the majority of the cleaning work is done by ION Exchange technology paired with a purpose designed cleaning solution. As the wand works, all of the solution is recovered from your carpets with only a fraction of the water remaining. If you want to take care of your carpet and keep it looking its best, then you need to call Pima Cleanpro today at (520) 954-2119 to find out more about the benefits of Cleanpro's eco-friendly cleaning service or to book your next appointment.

I Understand, But What Are the Benefits for Me and My Carpets?

The most common reason why people choose to hire Cleanpro to clean their carpets is the fact that once the job is finished, you can walk on your carpets in a matter of a few hours. Hours. Not overnight and certainly not days.

Stop Mold Growth

If you have ever dealt with mold then you know that it will grow anywhere there is a dark and damp environment - such as the root of your carpet fiber after a steam clean. Given that it’s impossible for you to dry your carpet completely before stepping on them again or moving your furniture back in, there is a heightened risk for mold growth. Comparatively, with very little fluid left which is dried in a matter of hours, mold doesn’t have a chance to grow underneath a carpet which has been cleaned through the use of ION exchange.

Longer Lasting Carpets

Everybody wants their carpets to last as long as possible, and one of the ways to do this is to treat them gently when cleaning. The use of so much hot water and harsh chemicals in steam cleaning systems means that carpets are put through heavier cleaning methods than necessary, leading to a reduction in color and quality. Conversely, as Cleanpro's ION exchange uses very little water and an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, your carpets can not only look better for longer but also last longer, too. As anybody who has purchased carpet will tell you, the longer you can get from your investment ,the better!

Bring Your Carpets Back to Life With the Best Carpet Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

As you can see there are some strong reasons why so many people are choosing to trust their carpet cleaning with Cleanpro. If your carpet is due to be cleaned or you just want to learn more about how Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system can benefit you, speak with an expert at Pima Cleanpro today by calling (520) 954-2119.

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