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Pets and clean carpets don’t always go hand in hand, however, there are things you can do to help keep your carpets looking good with a pet in the house.

When it comes to indoor pets, there’s no denying that stains and accidents are going to occur. There’s just no getting around it. But this doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to living with stained carpets.

Indoor Pets and Clean Carpets

To help you keep your carpets and your house as clean as possible with an indoor pet, Pima Cleanpro has prepared the following post with some tips.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Your best defense is to prevent as many contaminants from entering your home via your pet, as possible. There is a range of ways you can do this, such as:
  • Minimize the amount of water or mud they walk and jump through while outdoors.
  • Put a small cleaning station at each entrance to your home which requires who ever is holding the leash to give their pet a thorough clean.
  • Speak with every household member about preventing stains from walking into the house.
Of course, apart from carrying your pet while you are outside so that their feet don’t get dirty, stains are going to occur and debris is going to make its way in. However, if you can utilize the above tips including any of your own, you can greatly minimize the occurrence of stains.

Increase Your Vacuuming

When it comes to stains, it really can be an accumulative affair. That is to say,  just a small few grains of dirt one day can quickly become a troublesome stain in a week if left to accumulate, working to make your home look and feel dirtier than it really is. The best way to prevent this from happening to your carpet is to increase your vacuuming frequency. This doesn’t mean that you have to give your carpets a thorough clean fives times a week, but just one thorough clean throughout the week paired with a few quick cleans can be a great boost. If your pet is a gift to your children then cleaning up after their pet can be a great lesson in responbility. Consider performing the through clean yourself as part of your regular routine, but enlisting your children's help to manage the remaining quick-cleans. If these tips are coming to you a little late and you are tired of staring at the range of stains in your home, speak with Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-211  and book a professional carpet cleaning session. Unlike traditional methods, Pima Cleanpro utilizes a dry carpet cleaning method, which means that your carpets aren’t soaked and left to dry for days, which can cause serious damage.


Try as you may, there will be a few times when you see a stain occur. Of course, with any stain, the faster you can react, the better. To prevent losing valuable time trying to get what you need together, create small hidden cleaning stations in areas where your pet often resides. This could include a small bucket with a bottle of clean water and a clean cloth:
  • Behind the couch in your living or entertaining room.
  • Underneath furniture in common spaces.
  • In a kitchen cupboard or under a laundry sink.
With these in place, you will be better prepared to act quickly if you see anything and prevent many stains from occurring. Of course, if your pet frequents other areas, be sure to include these in the above list.

Designate Pet-Friendly Zones

Unless there is a need for your pets to have full access to your whole house, consider establishing pet-friendly areas within your home.
  • The easiest way to do this is to mark a number of rooms as pet-friendly and close off the rest of the house using the doors.
  • If you prefer to keep your house open, consider small gates which you can easily install in doorways.
By keeping pets out of certain areas then you can effectively stop pet-caused stains from occurring. However, this only works if everybody in the house remembers to close the gates or mechanisms behind them after they leave and enter a room.

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If you can’t remember the last time that your carpet was professionally cleaned or you are just tired of them looking old and worn, Pima Cleanpro can help with dry carpet cleaning in Tucson. To find out more or to book your appointment, call (520) 954-2119 and speak with a friendly carpet cleaning expert.

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