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Your carpets may be a challenge to keep clean all year long, but this challenge may become even harder during the holiday season. Use these tips to keep your carpets clean this winter.

Tips to Help You Maintain Spotless Carpets This Holiday Season

As you prepare for the holiday season, you may be a bit concerned about your carpets taking a beating. Hosting holiday get togethers, having the children on winter break, and the inclement weather can all pose a threat to your carpet's cleanliness. Before you cancel your holiday parties, know that you can keep your carpets clean no matter what you're presented with. Use these simple tips to keep your carpets clean and healthy this season.

Welcome Guests With a Festive Doormat

Even if you're not planning a holiday get-together in your home, you will probably find yourself welcoming more guests into your home this season. Before they have a chance to drag rain, mud, or snow into your carpet, collect all of this debris with a doormat. Look for a fun and festive doormat to welcome your guests that is also functional. By having your guests wipe their shoes off before entering your home, you can prevent moisture and stains from affecting your carpet. By simply having a welcome mat at your door, your guests will automatically know to wipe off their shoes without you having to ask them to do so.

Have a Designated Coat Closet

You may think a coat closet has nothing to do with keeping your carpets clean, but it can actually make a huge difference. Guests who arrive during a rain storm will be at the very least a bit wet. Give them somewhere to store their wet coats so that they don't end up dripping over you carpet and upholstery. Keep in mind that when moisture makes it into your carpet it may not look dirty but it can cause mold issues. If you don't have a spare closet for coats, place a coat rack by your front door where coats can be hung.

Leave Shoes at the Door

Shoes are known to be the biggest culprits when it comes to carpet stains. Moisture and debris can all be dragged in by shoes and pushed into your carpet. Instead of dealing with this after it has already happened, prevent it from happening altogether. Have your family member leave their shoes at the door and have house shoes at the ready by the front door. If you're expecting guests, kindly ask them to leave their shoes at the door and provide them with house slippers. Have a shoe rack ready to store shoes and a bench to make changing them easier. Some guests may not be comfortable doing this, and that's ok. You can't force everyone to participate, so a doormat can help reduce the amount of moisture and debris they carry into your home. If you're worried about your carpet looking worn or dirty before a holiday get together, schedule a professional carpet cleaning service in Tucson, AZ. Contact Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 to learn about their carpet cleaning system. While you're at it, check out their upholstery care services.

Create a Stain Proof Menu

Holiday parties are a time for eating, drinking, and being merry. Unfortunately for your carpet, this can result in spills and stains. Before deciding what to serve at your get-togethers, carefully decide what items are more carpet friendly. For example, instead of serving red wine, which is notorious for causing tough carpet stains, serve another drink which is lighter in color. It's also best to avoid slippery food as well as options that are quite greasy. This is especially important when serving small children who can be a bit more clumsy.

Avoid Set In Stains

If a spill does happen, don't stress out. Calmly scoop up any large chunks and then do your best to soak up as much as the stain as possible. Use a clean, dry wash cloth to soak up stains caused by liquids. Remember to blot the area and never rub it. Rubbing can cause the stain to grow and can damage your carpet fibers. Avoid using store bought cleaners on your carpet since this can also cause damage to your carpet's fibers.

Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Once you're done hosting holiday parties, contact a professional carpet cleaning service to schedule your yearly cleaning. A professional service can remove all of those new stains as well as old stains. Their expert knowledge and years of experience can ensure your carpets will get clean safely.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Tucson, AZ

Instead of ignoring your holiday stains or trying to remove them yourself, trust a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of them for you. For the best and safest carpet cleaning around, contact Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954 2119. Not only can they get your carpet back to its best, they can also professionally clean your upholstery for you.

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