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Removing dust from your home isn’t always as simple as a quick vacuum and flick of the duster. This article has tips which can help rid your home of dust. When it comes to clearing dust from your home, it can be easy to think that a quick vacuum and flick of the wrist with a duster is all that’s needed. However, as anybody with allergies will tall you, just because you can’t see dust doesn't mean that it isn’t present in your home.

How to Keep Your Home Free from Dust

To help you remove as much dust as possible, Pima Cleanpro, LLC has prepared the following post with places you likely wouldn’t look which can be hiding more dust than you would like to know about!

Curtains and Drapes

While your curtains and drapes may look nice and clean when you are looking at them, if you were to look at the backing then you will find a lot of dust buildup. The primary reason for this is because this is an area which isn’t always considered during the regular clean. Take your vacuum cleaner, attach the long-nose attachment and be sure to clean them high and low.

Ceiling Fans

While you have this attachment on your vacuum cleaner, look up to your ceiling fans. While it can be easy to think that, because they spin they can’t gather dust, unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Especially if you haven’t used them in a while. Take your vacuum cleaner and be sure to give the tops of your ceiling blades a thorough clean.

Frame Your Dust

Everybody loves to hang pictures of special moments on the wall. However, not everybody realizes that behind these memories is a great deal of dust build up. Carefully take each one from the wall and wipe the back with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Before you hang it back up, be sure to give the area of the wall a quick clean, also. When it comes to keeping your home clean, nothing beats a professional carpet cleaning service. Speak with Pima Cleanpro, LLC at (520) 954-2119 today to learn about how Cleanpro ION Exchange cleaning system can remove dust and dirt from your upholstery and carpets without causing the level of damage a traditional steam cleaning service can.

Vents and Ducts

If you have heating and cooling systems in your home then you may be surprised to find out that these could be collecting dust. For example, if you have a heating system which you don’t use during the summer period then you can bet that the vents and ducts will quickly accumulate dust which will be disbursed once you start your system back up when the temperature starts to drop. Using a damp cloth is a good idea for these areas as they are often easy to access and the damp cloth can often catch more than your vacuum would.


The summer weather means leaving your curtains open during the day, which minimizes the use for lampshades. Because of this many homeowners don’t give too much attention to their lampshades and the dust they collect. If you have a low setting on your vacuum cleaner then consider using this to remove the dust, just be sure that you take care as some of your lampshades may be fragile.

Home Entertainment Equipment

Whether it’s a big screen TV, surround sound, or even a complete media center, you can bet that, once it was installed, you never gave it a second thought. However, if you were to twist your TV or pull out your DVD player you can bet that there will an abundance of dust sitting there just waiting to cause trouble for your allergies. A vacuum may not be the best idea as this can easily scratch your equipment. Instead, use a clean dry cloth, preferably one which can attract dust. Try to resist the urge to use a damp cloth as this can cause serious danger and problems with electrical equipment. Once you have finished, be sure to include these items in your regular cleaning schedule or, at the least, your spring cleaning checklist.

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If your carpets have seen better days or you just feel like they are due for a clean, Pima Cleanpro, LLC can help. Call (520) 954-2119 today and speak with an expert about their ION Exchange cleaning system. By using minimal liquid, carpets cleaned with Cleanpro ION Exchange cleaning system are not only clean but can be walked on within a matter of minutes, not days!

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