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With so many options to choose from when deciding on the right carpet, it can be easy to forget about the basics, such as a darker color and the benefits which come with it.

The majority of homeowners tend to choose colors such as beige, white, or even bright fun colors and patterns when it comes to laying carpet in their home. And to be fair, these are all great options depending on the style of home they are being installed in. However, little thought is ever given to darker colored carpets.

Why Not Choose a Darker Colored Carpet for Your Home?

If the above sounds familiar and you haven’t really given much or any thought to installing darker colored carpet in your home, Pima Cleanpro has an article below with just some of the benefits you can see from doing just that!

It Shows off the Style of Your Home

Do you know what your guests will look at when they enter your home and see a bright white shaggy carpet or a regal looking carpet with a pattern on it? Your carpet. That’s it. They won't notice the art you have hanging on the wall, or your furnishings, and definitely not the family photos you have taken the time to print out and hang around your home to show off its personality. Just the carpet. However, the same can’t be said for a darker colored carpet because it simply doesn’t catch the eye. Instead, guests walking around your home with a darker colored carpet will have their eyes drawn to the most personalized design choices in your home, such as the above-mentioned art and photos, and also any furniture you have decided on.

Is Your Home Stain-Prone?

If the answer is yes then darker colored carpets are definitely going to be a good choice. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t attempt to clean up any spills as soon as they occur, however, if you aren’t able to get to them immediately then there is a much smaller chance that the spill will result in an eye-catching stain. As you can imagine, white or even patterned carpets will require you to act on any spills immediately, taking all the steps you can to remove the stain entirely. Of course, if even the slightest stain is left, you can bet that it’s going to catch everybody’s eye, including yours, each time you or a guest walks around your home, giving your home a dirty and unkempt feel. For the best carpet cleaning in Tucson, AZ, speak with Pima Cleanpro. Call today at (520) 954-2119 and speak with a professional to learn about how Cleanpro's proprietary ION Exchange carpet cleaning system can not only remove stains and bring your carpet back to life, but also leave them ready to be walked on within hours, not days!

Extend Its Lifespan

Your carpets are going to be walked on and impressed on almost non-stop. Whether it's you or a family member, a pet in your home, your children dragging their school bag across the floor, or even rolling your vacuum cleaner around during your chores, your carpet will experience constant use. With a brighter colored carpet, these items can cause the carpet to look old as it leaves impression marks and loosens the thread of your carpet. While these effects will still occur if your carpet is dark, the very nature of a darker color can hide this aging, helping your carpet to look better for longer.

The Perception of Your Home

If you have a large open space then a white or bright colored carpet is going to make your home look bare and empty, even if you have a large number of furniture items. This can often make your home look like an empty warehouse and take away the homey feel of your space. While it obviously won’t reduce the space you have, installing a darker colored carpet can reign in this feeling, helping to make your home feel more intimate and filled. This is especially helpful if you don’t have or don’t want a large number of furniture items in your home.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

If you can’t seem to remove a stain or your carpets have just seen better days, Pima Cleanpro can help. Call (520) 954-2119 and speak with a friendly professional to book your next carpet cleaning appointment. By using Cleanpro's ION exchange carpet cleaning system, Pima Cleanpro is able to bring your carpets back to life with minimal water usage, little to no carpet damage, and leave them clean and ready to be walked on within a matter of hours.

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