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Keeping mold out of your carpet during the summer months is a hard enough task let alone during the cold and wet season. This article has tips which can help! During the summer months, it can be as easy as opening a select few windows and doors to facilitate the flow of fresh air and reduce any humidity in your home. During the colder season, however, this might not be the best idea or suggestion.

How to Keep Mold out of Your Home During the Wet Season

To help you out in this regard, below are some easy to adopt tips from Pima Cleanpro for you to consider.

Don't Give Water a Chance to Make Its Way Inside

When it comes to keeping water off your carpet during the cold and wet season, there is no better way to accomplish the task than by instilling a rule prohibiting anybody from wearing their shoes inside your home. Or, if they do, be sure it’s only in the entranceway where there will be a designated space for their shoes to be stored. If you choose this drastic yet effective method, be sure to provide your guests with somewhere to put their shoes. If you require your guests to leave their shoes outside, be sure to provide somewhere secure and out of the elements.

Coat Rack

After shoes, clothes are a top contender for the cause of mold in your carpet. Why? Because as soon as somebody comes inside out of the rain into a lovely warm home, the first thing that they want to do is take off and discard every item of cold and wet clothing they can! As you can guess, all of this clothing ends up on the floor until they pick it up. By this time, however, the damage has already been done and the water from the clothes has already soaked into your carpet and made its way to the base where it will accumulate and see mold growth. In addition to a coat rack, be sure to include a plastic mat underneath it to catch any dripping water. While it’s true that it will be localized in your entranceway, it’s still a good idea to keep this area as clean, dry, and mold-free as possible. If you can't remember the last time that your carpets were professionally cleaned, now is the time. Speak with Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 to book your next carpet cleaning appointment where an experienced professional can bring your carpets back to life.

Open up Your Bathroom

This isn’t going to be the most popular tip, but it sure will be an effective one. When you think about the length and temperature of your regular showers during the cold season it’s fair to say that they are both longer and hotter. And with good reason - it’s cold! However, with this extra time and heat comes a lot more steam, which has to make it’s way out of your bathroom somehow. It usually does this as soon as you open the door. While it may make you feel like you are in a music video, once the steam settles, it settles. On your carpet! If possible, try to open a window to allow steam to escape as you are showering. If this is not possible, try to keep the window open once you leave the shower and are preparing yourself to leave the bathroom. Anything that you can do to minimize the amount of steam which exits your bathroom and lands on your carpet is a great idea.


Of course, there is another area of your home which sees additional use during cold weather and it's your laundry. Namely, it’s your dryer. And while it’s true that it does a great job of drying your clothes and even warming them up during the cold season, it also does a great job of increasing the humidity in your home. While it can seem comfortable when the weather is cold, humidity is still humidity, which means moisture in the air which will eventually make its way onto your carpet. Each time that you use the dryer, do your best to open a window or a door to allow as much of the excess moisture in the air to exit before it has a chance to cause trouble in your carpet.

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