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Everybody loves a good spring clean. Well, maybe not everybody! But that doesn't mean you should neglect this important task! There are often two types of people in the world; a small percentage of the population who absolutely love to complete their spring cleaning, and then the rest of us.

Get the Most out of Your Spring Cleaning Time

If you fall into the latter category, then there is a good chance that you don't pay too much attention during your spring clean. To help change this, below are some simple yet effective tips from Pima Cleanpro, LLC to get your home clean this spring.

The Best Place to Start Is at the Top - Literally

While you may not be able to see it, there are large piles and coatings of dust on top of almost all of your furnishings. While much of the dust and debris will be collected during your regular cleans, unfortunately, it takes a thorough spring clean to get it all. Pay close attention to these areas: Any and all cabinets in your home will have dust on the top. This includes trophy cases, dining wear displays, or your figurine collection. If you were able to make the time to clean out any stand-alone closets then, you guessed it, you likely left a coating of dust on the top, just out of sight and reach. It feels (and smells) nice to have a clean and fresh refrigerator. However, just as the above two, there will be dust on the top which you didn’t manage to clean off. While it can seem like a trouble to clean an area of dust which you can’t actually see, the main purpose of cleaning these areas is to reduce allergies in your home and help improve the air quality. If dust and environmental debris are left to collect, they can cause serious allergy problems with the cause remaining unknown.

Keep Looking Up

While you have what you need to safely reach the top of your cabinets, give some thought to what else may be up there. For example: If you have any ceiling fans then you can bet that the top of the blades has been collecting dust during the winter/downtime Despite how bright your rooms look, you can bet that they can look brighter with a quick wipe of your light bulbs. When it comes to cleaning all of the dust from the above-mentioned areas, be sure that you do this before you complete your vacuuming. While you may enjoy vacuuming first, completing this task beforehand will only leave you with dirty carpets again. Of course, if your carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned in a while then a spring clean provides the perfect opportunity. Speak with Pima Cleanpro today at (520) 954-2119 to book a professional carpet cleaning and return your carpets to their former glory this spring!

Your Mattress

It doesn’t matter how nice or expensive the mattress you are using is, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned regularly - including during your spring clean. The quickest way to do this is to remove all of your bedding and take to your mattress with your vacuum cleaner and a small nozzle attachment. This attachment will allow you to remove dirt and contaminants from within the creases of your padding and stitching.


Once you have cleaned your mattress, it’s time to take out all of the clothes in your drawers and provide the same treatment to the inside of your drawers and closets. While it may seem trivial, small amounts of dust can quickly build up in these spaces, not only making your clothes dirty and promote cloth-eating moths, but it can also reduce the air quality in the room and in your home.


It doesn’t matter if you have table lamps, low-floor lamps, or even lamps which reach so high you can’t touch the bulb - they all collect dust which can and will eventually make its way onto your carpets, making your home look dirty. For this reason, it’s important that you take a tour of your home with a damp cloth and look for any and all lamps. If you see one - turn it off and clean it thoroughly. This means more than just wiping a cloth over the lampshade, it means wiping it down entirely to remove any and all dust. Not only will this help to keep your house items looking cleaner but also your flooring!

Carpet Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

Of course, once you have finished all the above areas, be sure to give your carpet a solid vacuum and then schedule your regular professional carpet cleaning to finish the job. Speak with an expert at Pima Cleanpro, LLC at (520) 954-2119 to learn more about the benefits of using Cleanpro and how a carpet cleaning professional can help your carpets to look like new!

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