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Mud tracking on your carpeted floors can seem like a full-blown disaster. Before you despair, however, read this post by Pima Cleanpo in Pima County, AZ to learn how to clean it off.

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How to Clean Mud Off Your Carpeting

Avoid the Situation Altogether

Before we begin, something to be mindful of is that getting a carpet to be spotless again after it's been soiled can be very difficult (at least, without professional help). This is why the first tip is to avoid the situation altogether. That's why you should have a 'no shoes inside' rule for your household, and have everyone (including guests), abide by it. This way, you can guarantee that there will be no mud tracking into your home (especially now, since people tend to spend more time outside during summer).  

Get Rid of the Excess Mud

Now for the actual cleaning of the muddy disaster, the first step is to clean the excess mud off your carpet. Before you start going for it, however, know that there is a right way to do it, and that you should follow it to avoid making the problem bigger. For one, you need to be quick, as taking too much time will cause the mud to harden and damage your carpeting's material. Next, you should use a spoon scrape as much as you can of the mud off your carpeted floors. Be very careful, however, to work from the outside in to avoid spreading more mud. Likewise, don't rub the stain, so you don't make it sink in deeper.

Allow the Mud to Dry Completely

This next step will probably be the easiest one in this tutorial, as it will only require you to wait for the leftover mud on your flooring to dry completely. Doing so will help the mud become dirt once again, which can make it easier to clean off, as you may be able to vacuum it away (but more on that later). A few tips for the drying process: close the area off, so no one will step on the stain and make it worse. Also, use your AC, your windows, your fans, your doors, and other ventilation methods to accelerate the process.

Clean the Dirt With the Vacuum

The mud has returned to its dirty original form and now it will be easier to just vacuum off your precious carpeted floors. However, to be as thorough and effective as possible, you will need to learn the right vacuuming technique for your flooring. Before you start, you need to have an empty dust bag and the right attachment. Then, you will need to vacuum the affected area slowly, gently, and in different directions. Following this simple technique will ensure you lift the dirt off your carpeting.

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Blot the Residues Off

By now you've vacuumed the dirt off, but it's likely you've noticed that the cleaning process isn't completely over. This is because, it's probable the mud left a stain behind on your carpeted floors. Before you start freaking out, however, you need to know that there are steps you can take to clean it off. For that, you will need to grab a clean cloth, pour a tiny bit of water on the stain, and start blotting the residue off. Repeat this until you see most of it lift off. One thing to remember, however, is that you should never rub the area.

Let the Carpet Dry Again

Before you can carry on with your life, you will need to repeat one of the steps above and let the carpet dry for a bit. In this case, however, letting it dry becomes even more important, since you won't only be helping your carpeted floors come back to normal, but you'll also be preventing mold to grow in and ruin your carpeted floors. For starters, if the area is too wet, you will have to use a towel to absorb some of the excess moisture in the area. Once that's done, you can revert to the tips shared above: closing the area off and letting the spot ventilate thoroughly.

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