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Whether you are upgrading just one room or giving your home a complete renovation, it’s likely that your first thought is to choose carpet for all of your flooring. And while carpet throughout your home certainly has its benefits, it’s worth giving some serious thought to the benefits and style options tiles can bring to your home.

Have You Considered Tiles?

To help you understand more about the benefits of tiles in your home, Pima Cleanpro has prepared the following post.

Anticipate Stains

Your first consideration is to consider which type of stains the area is going to see. While Pima Cleanpro can remove tough stains and bring your flooring back to life during regularly scheduled cleans, it’s the day-to-day stains which you need to think about. If you expect stains such as these:
  • Dirt
  • Dry food such as cookies or corn chips
  • A few water spills
If you can reach these spills with your vacuum cleaner before they have time to settle into your flooring and cause a stain, then carpet can be a great choice for the room. However, if you expect stains like the below then tiles could be a better option:
  • Wine
  • Soda
  • Greasy and sauce-based foods
  • Heavy outdoor debris
Even if the above stains are left on a tiled floor, such as while you finish eating your meal, they are easily cleaned with a few swipes of a wet mop or even just some paper towel. For the reasons above, tiles in areas like a dining space and even living room where you and your family eat while you watch TV can be a smart choice.

Comfort Where You Need It

Next on the list is to consider the level of comfort you want in your home. The reason why this is number two on the list is purely that tiles aren’t a flooring which can be considered comfortable. However, don’t let this make you feel like you need to choose carpet just because you want comfort in your home, despite the expected stains. Consider your floor plan and the rooms in it and think about where you and your guests will spend the majority of your time. For example, hallways and bedroom will often see a lot of time spent and foot traffic. For this reason, these spaces can see carpet as being the best choice. With these rooms carpeted, the majority of your home will feel comfortable. For the other rooms which, while they will see traffic won’t see much of it, tiles can be a good choice. For example, the dining room will see a medium amount of foot traffic so it doesn’t need to be carpeted for you to feel comfort in your home and, as such, can often be best floored with tiles. In addition to expert level carpet cleaning in Tucson, AZ, trust in the services of Pima Cleanpro to provide professional level tile and grout cleaning. To find out more about how Pima Cleanpro can take care of both your carpets and tiles, speak with Pima Cleanpro today at (520) 954-2119 and book a convenient appointment.


If you live in a generally cold area then your first choice will be to choose carpets. After all, not only can they be warm to walk on but they are also good at retaining the heat in your home. This can be especially beneficial if you utilize your heater often. However, this doesn't mean that tiles can’t be warm. While, if laid alone, tiles can be cold, under-tile heating is a great option for homeowners who want both the convenience of tiles and the warm feeling of a carpet. Even if you don’t employ this method in every room and only choose spaces such as your bathroom or even just your living space, tiles can be just as warm as carpet. However, it is worth noting that this warmth doesn’t translate to heat retention. For example, carpet is much better at retaining the heat already in your home whereas tiles are better at generating it.

Style Choice

With the range of carpet styles and designs it can be easy to think that tiles are nothing short of boring in comparison. However, this isn’t the case. While tiles can be boring, so can carpet if you just choose one color or pattern. In reality, tiles come out in front if style and design is important to you. For example, by choosing a range of tile colors and placing them in a herringbone pattern, you can achieve a level of style which carpets can’t provide. Additionally, placing light tiles in the majority of the space and then utilizing darker tiles to either form a pathway throughout the rooms or even to accentuate areas, such as surrounding a kitchen food preparation station or even around your living room furniture is a great modern look.

Professional Tile and Carpet Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

When it comes to floor cleaning, whether it’s tile or carpet cleaning in Tucson, AZ, Pima Cleanpro is the one to call. Call today at (520) 954-2119 to find out how their proprietary ION exchange cleaning system can take care of your carpets and their extensive knowledge and professional grade equipment can bring your tiled areas back to life, including thorough and efficient grout cleaning.

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