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Dust buildup can affect your home's look, feel, air quality, your carpet's lifespan, and even your health. To avoid it in your home, read this post by Pima Cleanpro in Pima County, AZ.

How to Prevent Dust Buildup in Your Carpeted Floors

If you want your carpeted floors to be in perfect shape for a long time, turn to Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 to learn about their unique carpet cleaning system, or if you require carpet cleaning in Pima County, AZ.

Establish a "No Shoes Inside" Rule in Your House

The world is full of germs, dirt, and other disgusting organisms and elements. And the worst part of all of that is found on the floor. Unfortunately, when you walk around in your shoes all day, all of that nastiness gets picked up and stuck to your soles. Needless to say, when you come home with your shoes still on, and you step on your precious carpeted floors, you're inadvertently leaving traces of those damaging agents behind. As you know, this isn't only bad for the floors, but for your health, too. That's why, to keep your house as sanitary as possible, and to prevent dust buildup on your carpeting, you should establish a "no shoes inside" rule to the residents and guests of your household. To that end, you can place a shoe rack or closet by the door, so people can have a spot where they can leave their shoes safe and organized. Likewise, if you don't want people to feel uncomfortable when walking around barefoot, you could even provide indoor shoes or slippers for them. Taking these simple measures will keep your carpets clean, sanitary, pretty, soft, and in great shape for years to come. Just make sure that everybody abides by the rule so that it actually works!

Keep Your Carpets Safe With Rugs and Mats

The best way to ensure yucky dust and dirt won't reach your carpeted floors is to keep them completely separated by covering the carpeting up. You can make use of rugs and mats to protect the carpet underneath them so that the use, dirt, sunlight, and more, won't damage it. You should place said mats and rugs on strategic places in your home, especially in the high-traffic areas (i.e. those that get more use), like the entryway, the hallway, and more. Having those pieces can even add to your home's whole decor and feel. Plus, you can throw them in the washing machine, which means they're much easier to clean than a whole carpet.

Call Pima Cleanpro at (520) 954-2119 if you want professional, safe, green, and effective carpet cleaning in Pima County, AZ that will strip your flooring from all of the dust, germs, and other filth that's trapped in it.

Do a Good Job at Vacuuming the Floors

Dust isn't the only thing that can accumulate on your carpeted floors: dead skin cells, germs, mold, dirt, bugs, allergens, and nasty organic material can reach the depth of your flooring, making them much harder to clean out. If you don't want that to happen, you should be vacuuming your carpeting once or twice each week (not more times, though, as overdoing it can loosen up the carpet). To make sure you're doing a good job at it, however, you will need to use the right vacuuming technique during your cleaning sessions. For starters, you will have to choose a vacuum that has the right suction power for your carpet's size and material. Next, be sure to vacuum a same spot slowly, gently, and in different directions to remove as much filth as you can. Last but not least, remember to be thorough: use the right attachments and move furniture around so you can reach every nook and cranny of your carpeted floors.

Give Your Carpeting a Professional Deep Clean

Finally, the key to a perfectly maintained carpet (i.e. one that's not completely drowning in dust) is having an experienced, professional, and reliable company provide a deep carpet cleaning service once a year. Doing so will ensure that every stain, bad smell, dust particle, allergens, and other damaging agents will be completely stripped from it, leaving only your precious carpeting behind. Besides, doing so will guarantee that your home will be sanitary and looking great for years to come.

You should know that Pima Cleanpro works with a unique and revolutionary carpet cleaning method that's green, safe, and utilizes little moisture. Call (520) 954-2119 to set an appointment for professional carpet cleaning in Pima County, AZ.

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