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If you think about the attention you give to your floors during your regular cleans, is most of your time spent on your carpets? Would you say that you spend a lot of time keeping your tiles clean?

Including vacuuming in your regular maintenance routine is a great way to keep your carpets...
With so many options to choose from when deciding on the right carpet, it can be easy to forget about the basics, such as a darker color and the benefits which come with it.

The majority of homeowners tend to choose colors such as beige, white, or even bright fun colors and patterns when it...

Whether you are upgrading just one room or giving your home a complete renovation, it’s likely that your first thought is to choose carpet for all of your flooring. And while carpet throughout your home certainly has its benefits, it’s worth giving some serious thought to the benefits and...
Removing dust from your home isn’t always as simple as a quick vacuum and flick of the duster. This article has tips which can help rid your home of dust. When it comes to clearing dust from your home, it can be easy to think that a quick vacuum and flick of the wrist with a duster is all that’s...

The majority of homeowners moved into a house which was already carpeted and don’t give much thought to how long ago it was installed. However, it’s important to remember that carpet doesn’t last forever. Even the most expensive carpet has an expiration date. However, there are many factors...
With so much consideration going into carpet choice, it’s surprising that so many homeowners neglect the importance of choosing the right carpet underlay. However, the reality is that your underlay can be just as important as the carpet which covers it. Whether you are renovating your home or...

Everybody loves a good spring clean. Well, maybe not everybody! But that doesn't mean you should neglect this important task! There are often two types of people in the world; a small percentage of the population who absolutely love to complete their spring cleaning, and then the rest of us.


Do you want your carpet to last longer? How about having them look like they were just installed? Below is some information on how you can achieve this by changing your professional cleaning method.

When you were growing up, a professional carpet cleaning was always done by a carpet cleaning...
Would you call yourself an experienced spring cleaner? If there were spring cleaning Olympics, do you think you would be bringing home the gold? Then sure there aren't any places you forget, right?

There are two types of people who emerge when it comes time for spring cleaning. There are those...
Unless you have found a way to make ketchup that doesn't leave a mark or a carpet fiber that is totally impervious to stains, preventing stains is your best defense. However, it’s often easier said than done.

When it comes to completing your household chores, there is a certain...

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